The fastest and simplest franchise opportunity on planet earth!

About Egnatium?

Egnatium is a trademark designed by Egnitus Holdings Pty Ltd. From its Head Office in Brisbane, one of Australia’s beautiful east coast riverside cities, Egnitus Holdings Pty Ltd is a leading B2B franchisor that has established a reliable network of franchisees within Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. We are one of the first ever companies to provide a combined set of productivity solutions including software, consulting, coaching implementation and training, aiming to become a global player in B2B productivity solutions and to ensure that our clients can benefit from a global network with a local presence.

Used separately or combined, you can have the help and support to achieve success by improving and increasing productivity. With over 10 years of market presence, Egnatium gives you peace of mind by securing business success. With proven business and marketing models Egnatium selects and successfully trains and develops its franchisees by getting them up and running within 6 months of starting, breakeven within 1 year and ROI within 3 years.

Through its suite of 3-in-1 Management Packages:






Why Franchising?

The idea of starting a new business sounds exciting especially if you envision the success of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. However the reality is that more than 90% of businesses close down within 5 years. Compare this with franchising where 90% of franchisees renew their agreements at the end of their contracts. Why is this? The main reason is probably because franchisees have a proven business and support system, unlike a new business where nothing is proven. While there are no guarantees in any business, franchising or otherwise, the odds seem stacked much better towards a franchise business than a new business.

Egnatium Franchise Process

It only takes 30 days to start your dream business. To make it as straight forward as possible we’ve created a timeline to simplify entering the EgnatiumTM franchise system. Learn more about the franchisee steps that will help you into your decision-making process below.


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